Friday, July 25, 2008

World Music Makes Miss B Dizzy

Miss B's 4th pick from last week's trip to the library was Habib Koite & Bamada's "Ma Ya." Judging from the grimy CD case, tattered booklet, numerous "date due" stamps on the cover, and the old "7 day loan limit" sticker, this must be a public library visitor favorite. Practically as soon as we'd checked it out, there was a "hold request" placed on our copy by an eager fan dying to get his or her hands on this well-loved release.

Yet, within seconds of placing this in the CD player DJ B said, "I don't like this one," giving this album the lowest score of the week based on first impressions.

However, when Miss B sampled this again a few days later it was an entirely different story. She immediately started to dance, pointed her toe and played with her Michelin Man key chain. She smiled and twisted her body, saying "you dance" to her papa. They danced together to this lively world music and Miss B asked to be spun around until she exclaimed with glee, "I'm dizzy, daddy!" She then twirled around in circles making herself even dizzier as she embraced the thrill of childhood mind-alteration.

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