Friday, July 11, 2008

Miss B disses the Barefoot Diva

The third library selection from this most recent batch was Cesaria Evora's "Voz D'Amor." Jaded by her intense passion for "Guys and Dolls" (what could possibly compare?), on initial listen DJ B smiled politely for a few seconds before extracting Ms. Evora from the player, saying "I want Guys and Dolls." We tried it again a few days later and Miss B asked for milk, saying, "Turn it down and eat milk."

I'm thrilled that Miss B has been selecting a wide range of female artists, but it's a bummer when she's not giving some of them a fair shake. Whether I like it or not, it's becoming very clear that some music is just background noise for DJ B (classical and jazz in particular) and other music gets her up on her feet dancing for joy.

Maybe I shouldn't be super surprised at shoe-loving Miss B's reaction, though, as this Cape Verdean singer has the nickname "barefoot diva" on account of her shoe-less performances.

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