Monday, July 21, 2008

Aloha (that's Hello and Goodbye) to Kohala

Next up in Miss B's lineup of CD selections from last week's trip to the library was Kohala's "Deeper Blue." After we put this Hawaiian guitar music into the CD player, DJ B took a close look at the booklet and asked, "What's this one?" She picked up her Hello Kitty umbrella, opened it, and danced a bit with it over her head (perhaps in anticipation of a tropical storm?). After 2 minutes of listening, she said, "I don't want to keep this on" and headed off to the next CD, asking, "What's this one?"

Today she gravitated towards Kohala again and upon hearing it, she smiled at me and then stared off into space. Miss B then got distracted by a stack of DVDs, said "I want cookies," and turned her attention to some dumpster-divers outside our window. Ah, yes, urban living.

So, Kohala is a bit more intriguing to DJ B than Leo Kottke, but far less enticing than metal-seeking scavengers. Island sounds just can't compete with the noises of the big city.

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