Thursday, July 31, 2008

Old Time Music at the Library

On Tuesday, there was more live music at our local San Francisco public library. The Knuckle Knockers, from San Francisco's Bernal Heights, played old time music to a packed room full of tots, kids, and adults. The 2 talented ladies sang tunes hearkening back to a simpler time in Appalachian country or on the farm. They talked to the kids about life 100 years ago, when families would entertain themselves with homemade music in the evenings, rather than plugging in to TV, iPods and cell phones.

Knuckle Knockers, July 2008

They talked a bit about the instruments, including the distinction between violin and fiddle (it depends on how it's played), the origin of the banjo (Africa) and guitar (Spain). Most fascinating of all were the questions from the preschoolers in the audience. One girl asked, "How could the rabbit be gone?," which led to a whole discussion about vegetarianism vs. rabbit eating on the farm for survival back in the day. Someone else asked, "What's inside the guitar?" to which another kid responded, "air." Who knew that the youngins' could be so insightful!

The music was amazing and Miss B seemed to enjoy herself, although the room was way to crowded for dancing. She did manage to bounce and sway in her seat, with the occasional hand clap when appropriate. When I asked her what the music sounded like, she said, "dirty nails." Hmmm. Sometimes I think she's just messing with me.

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