Monday, July 28, 2008

DJ B Makes it to Her 5th CD and Curls up for a Nap

At last, we've reached DJ B's 5th and final CD pick from that epic trip to the public library. Rahsaan Roland Kirk's "The Inflated Tear/Natural Black Inventions: Root Strata" is a 2004 release that puts together 2 albums from the late 1960s and early 1970s onto one massive 78 minute CD.

When DJ B put this jazz release into the CD player her first move was to put away the toy she was playing with. She placed a pillow on the floor, grabbed a blanket, removed her barrettes and snuggled on the floor with her hands clasped by her face and the blanket covering her, as if she was getting ready to go to sleep. She then took the CD case from me and stacked it on top of the others before opening it and removing the booklet to read. After perusing the liner notes she stuck them back into the case and retired to the floor for her faux nap. After hearing a few tracks she got up and played her toy piano for awhile, then danced.

When we reached track 11 ("Island Cry"), DJ B pointed at the CD and said "birds in music." And, indeed, according to the CD, "Rahsaan Roland Kirk plays tenor sax, stritch, manzello, B Flat & E Flat clarinets, flute, black puzzle flute, black mystery pipes, harmonium, piccolo bass drum, thundersheet, sock cymbal, bells, music box, palms, tyill pani, gong and applies the use of bird sounds." Wow.

For Miss B, this was another fine jazz release, just perfect for dancing and sleeping.

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