Friday, July 11, 2008

No to Classical Piano

After her overwhelmingly positive response to "Guys and Dolls," DJ B wasn't very willing to give her other two new CD selections from the library a chance. I managed to get her to check out Alicia De Larrocha's "Favourite Spanish Encores," which to me is a beautiful release full of soothing piano music by this talented Spanish artist. Yet, Miss B only listened for about 10 seconds before she stopped the CD, declared, "I want Guys and Dolls," and handed me the CD to put away.

A few days later I offered up this album again and Miss B was game. Yet, she seemed distracted when we put it in the boombox and asked for "more cookies." She then asked to dance with me, saying, "I want to hold you and spin around." Then she stopped and said, "I'm thirsty. I want some milk." She wandered about the room, found the "Guys and Dolls" CD case, opened it to find it empty and asked, "Where's the Guys and Dolls CD?" We searched some more, found it, and she was again happy dancing wildly, saying "fly like a bat."

Unfortunately this week nothing can compete with "Guys and Dolls," even if it's gorgeous piano music played by a talented lady legend.

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Anonymous said...

All you have to do is look at the album cover and you know it's gonna be a "no." No. No. No.