Thursday, July 17, 2008

Miss B's Not Feeling the Mainstream Pop

When I saw Miss B's third CD selection from the library this week, I cringed. I love the female voice and am a huge supporter of female artists, but the major label compilation "Women & Songs," just screamed cheese from its purple and pink album cover full of the faces of Cher, Jewel, Kelly Clarkson and Faith Hill.

On first listen, DJ B clapped her hands and danced a bit to the anthemic opening track by Christina Aguilera ("Beautiful"). She asked for her dress-up skirt, put it on, and continued to dance to the second song, Faith Hill's "Cry." She grabbed her headphones (I would too), pulled some books from her shelf and said, "I'm just reading some books." At this point she was oblivious to the music as she settled into her literature.

Yesterday we again listened to the CD after Miss B said, "I wanna do 'Women and Songs.'" She listened to the first 9 tracks, while sitting on her yoga mat perusing the liner notes.

Overall assessment: the mainstream pop ladies are simply providing background music for Miss B's book time.

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