Saturday, June 27, 2009

DJ B Works Through Her Grief over Michael Jackson with Art

Miss B continues to come to terms with the media frenzy surrounding Michael Jackson's death and her own growing realization of the concept of mortality. She sat in front of the morning paper today, pointing at his picture and said "Michael Jackson." Then, while his music boomed out of our TV from Sirius XM's "Michael Jackson Tribute" channel, she took pen to paper and drew the picture above. DJ B said:

"I'm drawing a picture of Michael Jackson. I'm going to mail it to him. He'll love this picture. He has curlies [her word for curly hair]. He has a sad face."

She's so profound.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

DJ B Mourns Michael Jackson

We're a bit out of sorts in the DJ B household, having just learned of Michael Jackson's death. Luckily we have MTV, which is hearkening back to the olden days and is playing non-stop Michael Jackson videos right now. As soon as we turned on MTV, Miss B was glued to the screen. When the songs were interrupted by talk or commercials, she kept shouting, "more!"

But the strongest reaction came just now when an old Jackson Five clip came on from American Bandstand (their first visit on the show). Miss B began to dance for the first time, clearly understanding the infectious pop perfection of those innocent early years. I think she was also inspired by their rocking dance moves. After I rewound the Tivo and we viewed it again, she implored me to dance with her. Miss B just smiled and smiled, imitating the fabulous 1970s maneuvers, including the tricky circular disco hand move (what is that called anyway?).

I think watching this Jackson 5 video and Miss B's enjoyment of it makes me feel the saddest of all over Michael Jackson's early death. What a cute kid, with so much potential at such a young age. It's too bad his life got stranger and stranger and that his final years were marred by controversy.