Thursday, July 3, 2008

Rocking out to Joan Jett

On a recent visit to the library, the CD shelves weren't super jam-packed, so Miss B was able to get a clear view of some of the album art. She spotted Joan Jett's visage calling out to her from the cover of "Sinner," and immediately grabbed her first selection of the day.

When we got home she asked for the "mama one," so we popped the 2006 Joan Jett and the Blackhearts release into the CD player and Miss B smiled and said, "I want to dance with my baby" and grabbed her doll. She then collected her purple butterfly umbrella and started dancing with it (closed) and then opened it and began to sing. She said to me, "wanna dance? let's jump!" We listened more through lunch and DJ B rocked her foot under her high chair and kept saying "Joan Jett."

Most fun of all, though, was her reaction to the slower, more ballad-like "Watersign." During that track Miss B closed her eyes and slowly swayed back and forth. Now where's that lighter when you need it?!

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