Monday, July 7, 2008

Jazz is Okay Daddy-O

The other selection from DJ B's recent duo of CDs was Archie Shepp's "Four For Trane." It's some fine jazz music, originally recorded in 1964, remastered and reissued in 1997. Considering the fact that one of Miss B's favorite books is "Charlie Parker Played Be Bop," I figured she'd dig this release, featuring sax, trumpet, trombone, bass and drums.

After dancing around the room to Dueto Voces del Rancho, we popped Archie Shepp into the boombox in preparation for nap time. Miss B listened with interest, put a pair of sunglasses on her bear and continued to dance around. She turned down the music and we both started to rock some stuffed animals to sleep. According to DJ B, Shepp is acceptable, but not necessarily a favorite.

P.S. The album cover of the version we got was just a plain black background with the album title on it. Perhaps if our version was as cool as the original album art above, DJ B would be even more jazzed about it.

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