Thursday, July 3, 2008

Loving the Latin Music

Last week we were in the midst of sleep-deprivation, smoky air from the California fires, and general crankiness around the DJ B household. When we took our weekly trek to the library Miss B was reluctant to choose any CDs, saying, "No. I want videos." I feared that our project's days were numbered. I managed to steer her back towards the CD shelf, but could only get her to pick 2 albums this time around.

DJ B's first pick was Dueto Voces del Rancho's (The Two Voices of the Ranch) "Mas Fuertes Que Nunca" release from 2001 (which is next to impossible to find online). Miss B picked up the case and very intently studied the album cover and sleeve before putting the CD into the player. After she hit "play," we heard the intro with people talking in Spanish. DJ B looked at me and grinned and then began to dance as soon as the music started. She grabbed her purple stuffed unicorn to dance with, then handed a bear to me to dance with. She then walked the unicorn on the carpet and left it to get her stuffed Sponge Bob (why not the Spanish-speaking Dora?). Miss B danced like crazy, then requested her sunglasses, saying, "I want eyes on...for dancing."

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