Thursday, July 31, 2008

Punk Rock and Science a Winning Combo for DJ B

DJ B's music review pile is growing and growing, especially with the addition of 3 freebie CDs (her first!) that we got in the mail courtesy of musician/producer Chris Bihuniak. When we opened the package, Miss B was super excited and said, "Oooooo....CDs!" She then observed, "Oh, CDs have tape on them." This was a special treat since DJ B typically doesn't see new, wrapped CDs.

The first of the 3 CDs that caught Miss B's eye was the Teacher and the Rockbots "Science" album, full of educational songs about topics like the scientific method, human organs, and digestion. The lyrics are sassy and the music nods at the drama of punk rock and new wave.

After the music started, Miss B smiled at the robot voices and seemed mesmerized by what she heard. She said, "That CD has a mat." When I asked her what she thought of it, she said, "It has mats on it" and pointed at the case. Huh?

Later on she requested this album, saying, "I want rock." She then raced over to a promotional mouse pad that was on the carpet and danced in place, kind of like a pogo-ing New Waver on a crowded dance floor. She then got on her knees, patted her legs to the beat and screamed "yay!"

I agree, yipee for some fun music aimed at kids that makes me nostalgic for whimsical '90s rock bands like Man...or Astro-man? and Lookout! Records pop punk stalwarts Groovie Ghoulies and Mr. T Experience.

Even better, DJ's B's scientist grandpa will be pleased that she's listening to music that features a Thomas Edison shout out.

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