Thursday, July 24, 2008

DJ B's East Coast Counterpart's Experiments with Atonality, Bulgarian Clarinet and Steve Reich

Today on the WNYC radio show Soundcheck there's a discussion about "Your Baby's Brain on Music," featuring Jeremy Eichler, who wrote the great piece in the Boston Globe "Can't Get it Out of My Head: A Father's Yearlong Quest to Grasp the Infant Musical Mind," in which he exposed his young son to a variety of more experimental music in order to see how the child reacted to music that's a bit more challenging than the typical toddler fare. Right on!

Jeremy writes:

"The more we listened through my own CD library, the more I wanted to toss Jonah's collection of 'baby music' in the trash. Of course, soon enough, my son will start making musical choices of his own, and who knows what will happen...

...after speaking with so many researchers, it also seems clear that we should never underestimate just how musically sensitive and discerning the infant brain can be. Or, as a Tanglewood usher once astutely observed as I was rushing to the parking lot after a concert with my tiny protégé wailing at the top of his lungs: 'Everyone's a critic.'"

He could have been writing about DJ B! Be sure to read the full article to find out how his little DJ dug Steve Reich, Bulgarian clarinet, and 17th-century madrigals.

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