Thursday, July 17, 2008

No, I Don't Want Patti LuPone!

The second CD that Miss B investigated this week was Patti LuPone's "The Lady with the Torch." After putting it in the CD player, DJ B danced and swirled for a few seconds, then stopped the CD like a time-crunched radio music director.

Yesterday she brought me the CD again and said, "How about this one?" She opened up the case, examined it and pulled out the liner notes. Thinking that she wanted to listen to the Patti LuPone, I stopped the CD that we were playing (the beloved Verdi). Clearly, I'd misunderstood, as DJ B said, "No. Keep it on."

Today, I again tried to play some Patti LuPone and after a few seconds Miss B said, "I want to turn it off." She kept requesting the Verdi album, calling it the "fancy one...the big one," perhaps because of its 90+ page booklet and large multiple CD packaging.

It's surprising to me that with her love for theatricality ("Guys and Dolls") and opera (Verdi), DJ B would dismiss this Broadway star's concert album full of pop standards.

She clearly did, proclaiming: "No, I don't want Patti LuPone."

Well, OK. Miss B has spoken.

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