Thursday, July 17, 2008

Opera Music Brings out the Inner Ballerina in Miss B

Last week Miss B picked 3 more CDs from the public library. The first one that she wanted to listen to was Verdi's "Un Ballo in Maschera," an opera in three acts from performances recorded in Milan, Italy in 1956 and 1957. Maria Callas is the star of this CD, and her visage stares off from the album cover and from within the pages of the extensive booklet included in this double CD set.

The first time DJ B put this in her boombox, she listened for less than a minute before stopping the CD and moving on to the next selection. Yesterday, we tried out the CD again and Miss B immediately left the room, saying, "I want pink shoes." She grabbed her baby doll, danced with her, then clasped her hands together while she smiled and did a slow spin, as I'd never seen before. Like a ballerina, Miss B swirled to the music in a much more controlled fashion than her typical dancing.

She turned to the booklet for the CD, saw a picture of Maria Callas and asked, "Who's that?" After she heard voices on one of the tracks she turned to me and said, "so that's her?" while pointing at a picture of Callas. She spent a lot of time studying the booklet while she listened. When I asked Miss B what the music sounded like, she said, "cauliflowers."

While listening she continued to do ballet and yoga moves, lifting a leg in the air while sitting on a yoga mat, then raising her leg while balancing the rest of her body on her toy piano. Today she danced some more to Verdi and said, "So that's Verdi," while pointing to the Callas picture.

As Miss B danced she said, "I like Verdi" and "I'm like Verdi." She was definitely feeling the music and channeling Ms. Callas.

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