Friday, June 6, 2008

Who Doesn't Love Christmas Music in June?

While she was contemplating the possibilities on the shelf during her first music "shopping" trip at the library, Miss B pointed at this CD and said to me, "I want the red one." So, we checked this one out and when we got home realized it was Michael Crawford's "A Christmas Album." From the second she put this in her boombox, this became Miss B's overwhelming favorite of all the CDs that she checked out that first week.

On a daily basis she's been requesting "Christmas music." In preparing to write this blog I asked her,"What are your favorite CDs?" and she replied, "Christmas."

One day she also asked to look at her "Christmas book" while listening to the CD for nap time. In case you would like to embrace the season like Miss B, her book recommendation is DK's "My First Christmas Board Book."

Although this is Miss B's favorite release of the week, it's definitely my least favorite. But, until I'm able to sneak this CD out of the house, DJ B will be enjoying her holiday soundtrack, counting down the days until Christmas.

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