Saturday, June 14, 2008

And the winner is...a Lady!

Miss B's third and final musical selection from her most recent library trip was "the Best of Anita Baker." When DJ B popped this CD into her boombox she immediately said, "I want to turn it loud. Wanna dance with me?" She asked, "What is this?" and I told her "Anita Baker," which she repeated for me. We danced for a little while, then she asked for the Christmas CD (from her previous library visit). I swapped the CDs in the player, but then a short time later she said, "I want the mama music. The dancing one." I asked her, "Anita Baker?" And Miss B replied, "Anita Baker."

Since then, she's been listening to Anita Baker pretty much non-stop and playing it very loud. Last night a babysitter came over to hang with Miss B and when my husband and I came home from our date, DJ B was asleep in her room with Anita Baker blaring from the boombox. In moments like that, I'm not sure if I agree with Rhino's description of her sound as "quiet storm R&B," but apparently for Miss B it is an album full of both dancing music and lullabyes.

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