Monday, June 9, 2008

Oh no! Baby Likes New Age

This weekend we had kind of a long car ride to the coolest retro amusement park ever. We trekked to Pixieland in Concord, CA for a friend's birthday party and Miss B had her first solo flight on a little plane ride. Who knew that 2 year olds could go on things like that alone? Beyond the excitement of the theme park, we had 90 minutes in the car (round-trip) for DJ B to dictate her music choices to us from the back seat. As we flipped through the numerous choices on XM satellite radio, most of the time she said, "I don't like that music" as she attempted to change the channel by reaching for her car window control button (luckily it's got a safety lock on it). She wasn't down with the choices on XMU (the college radio-ish station), the '70s station, or with some of the major hit songs that we scanned past, including Coldplay.

To our horror, the one song that rendered Miss B completely silent, and, to be honest, mesmerized, was Michael Hedges (eerie coincidence: he died in 1997 in a car accident near Boonville, CA where we often travel to) on what seemed to be a new age station. Now where are those radio station parental controls?!

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