Friday, September 18, 2009

Bottom's Mean Stepmother Music

DJ B and I are so over-extended these days that we never got around to reviewing her Record Store Day picks. So, by popular demand, here's her belated take on that female stoner rock CD that she picked up in the Aquarius bargain bin for $3.99.

I asked Miss B if she wanted to listen to the Bottom release "You'rNext" and she said, "Is it scary?" As she looked at the CD artwork she had a lot of questions about the imagery, asking, "But what is that guy? Is that guy scary or not?" After checking out the CD booklet she said, "I think it's going to be fancy or something else."

She finally put the CD in the player, but removed it before listening to it. Later on I played the CD while she was preoccupied with her toy playhouse. She focused on her own activities and eventually turned off the music without giving any sort of reaction to it.

We tried it again later and Miss B had a lot more to report, saying, "This one is the mean stepmother music and we have to listen to it." She then brought me some bells to play with, saying, "Follow me. Follow me." She grit her teeth while doing an angry dance, kicking and sneering while waving an egg-shaped shaker. She then yelled, "You have to follow me mean stepmother!" and demanded that I chase her.

Continuing the theme, Miss B said, "I want to go to the party." She grabbed a box of Mac 'n Cheese from the cupboard and put it on the table, saying, "This is the party. Pretend. I really want to go to the party." After accumulating more party food she added, "Cinderella...She was mean when she comed over to the party." As the music reached its crescendo with flutes and ladies screaming, she added, "Mean stepmother...come over to my party and visit...she was still mean."

When I asked DJ B specifically about the music she said, "It's stepmother's mean music."

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