Friday, May 22, 2009

DJ B Plays Air Guitar to Deerhunter and Drums along with Ani DiFranco

Back in October I went to the CMJ Music Marathon in New York City and accumulated a pile of promotional CDs that I intended to pass along to DJ B for review. It's taken awhile, but once again we got back to this project. Yesterday I presented her with the stack of music to see which releases caught her eye.

The first CD that she investigated was a CMJ promo CD called "CMJ New Music, Issue 155." From the opening notes of track one (Deerhunter's "Nothing Ever Happened"), Miss B was energized. She jumped up and down and said, "You dance with me momma. See I'm gonna dance really fast." She continued to jump and implored me to join her, saying, "you try." She shook her hips to the driving rock song, played with a pez truck on the floor, then began to strum her fingers on her air guitar. She then yelled, "where's my guitar?" I found her pink princess guitar and she promptly strapped it on and played along to the music while dancing. Her next request to me was, "you get dadda's guitar!" I passed on that, but enjoyed watching her walk forward and backward while playing her guitar. She then turned down the volume on the CD so that she could hear her guitar while she played along. As the song ended, she took a bow.

The next track was Ani DiFranco's "Emancipated Minor." As it started, Miss B said, "let's dance really slow" as she wiggled, danced, shrugged her shoulders, and demonstrated a high knee march. She then picked up a drum stick and drummed to the beat on the old plastic baby wipes container that we'd been storing the promo CDs in. She grabbed a second stick and used both to drum, then started to tap them together while she danced. After about half a song she turned off the CD.

Perhaps we'll check out the remaining tracks on this CD later. For now, Deerhunter was the winner as it inspired DJ B to bust out the air guitar.

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