Monday, January 19, 2009

Drumming to Reba McEntire

Another recent library CD selected by DJ B was Reba McEntire's "Greatest Hits Volume 3 - I'm a Survivor." The first time we put the CD on Miss B was wearing a Cinderella costume and was obsessively combing her hair. When I asked what she thought of the music, she said, "I like it" and resumed her hair combing routine. She stopped to admire the Sleeping Beauty temporary tattoo on her arm and then directed her attention to her pile of instruments. After getting up on her tip toes she grabbed a drum stick and started pounding on a decorated coffee can.

I then mentioned to her that there was a CD booklet, so she opened up the CD case and pulled it out. She asked me, "Why is she wearing pants?" and then said, "Look at these musics" while pointing at words in the liner notes. She stopped to dance while tapping the booklet on her coffee can drum. She then began dancing quite dramatically with a scowl on her face while waving a drum stick, as if she was performing martial arts along the lines of tai chi. After throwing the stick across the room she slowed down into some more ballet-like poses. She then ran out of the room, returned with a Dora soccer ball, threw the ball into the air, got in trouble, asked me to drum, and finally sang into a Hello Kitty maraca like it was a microphone. When we got to track 5 ("If You See Him, If You See Her") DJ B was done, and ordered, "I want to take the CD off...I want a snack now."

I'm sure Miss B was simply channeling Reba's inner diva. You go girl!

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