Friday, August 22, 2008

College Radio DJ's Library Tour

I was just researching University of Texas radio station KVRX for my college radio blog Spinning Indie, when I ran across a blog series called Pimping the Public Library. College radio DJ Doktor Ana has been hitting up the Austin Public Library searching for musical gems since early July. On her blog she's written reviews of some of her discoveries, including surf music, international sounds, and the '80s box set "Left of the Dial: Dispatches from the '80s Underground."

Additionally, she's been able to track down harder to find music by using inter-library loan. Wow! What a concept. Now if Miss B and I were actually searching for stuff methodically (vs. grabbing from the shelves at random), this would be a wonderful tip. Or, perhaps inter-library loan can be DJ B's Library Tour Version 2.0 when she tires of the shelf inventory.


Ana said...

Thank you for your wonderful comment. If I weren't so vain I might have never seen it. Also thank you for the shout out on your blog (I love it by the way) I returned the favor on my series finale.
I graduated last may so unfortunately I am not eligible to be a DJ until I get into grad school.

I tried to read your blog posts to my friend while she was getting a tattoo but she was laughing too hard so she made me stop.

Jennifer Waits said...

Thanks so much. This is just about the best compliment ever!

We loved your project so much too. It never occurred to me until recently to investigate music in the public library--and like you, I am totally amazed.