Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Interpretive Dancing to Bob Dylan

Recently we upgraded our DVR and in the process we now have Pandora on our television. This provides a whole new way to attempt to elicit music reviews from 9-year-old DJ B, who hasn't done an official review in nearly three years.

This afternoon, while hosting her friend Miss L for a playdate, we decided to type in "Bill Orcutt Radio" to see what sort of playlist was generated. (We had slightly ulterior motives since experimental guitarist Orcutt is Miss L's dad.)

The girls rocked out to every track they heard (from Tom Waits to The Residents to Bill Orcutt himself), but it was the sight of Bob Dylan on the playlist ("Queen Jane Approximately") that prompted them to hit pause and run out of the room in search of costumes.

DJ B donned a tiny Dorothy costume, Rapunzel wig, Disney bridal veil Minnie Mouse ears, sunglasses in the shape of guitars, and ear protection headphones, while Miss L gravitated to a black Zombie costume (complete with mummy gauze), bright blue bob wig, and flip flops.

They danced around the room, with DJ B leading Miss L in a series of moves. When I asked what they thought of the Bob Dylan song, they said, "It was cool."

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